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PositiviTeas - Hug in a Mug

PositiviTeas - Hug in a Mug

Charity Tea™
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The PositiviTeas™ range is a beautiful collection of single-serve Tea Bags.

Lovingly encased within a printed card, you’ll find a compostable, plastic-free Tea Bag, filled with the finest premium, organic tea from Charity Tea™. This isn’t just a Tea Bag.  It’s a card, it’s a gift, it’s an experience!

Premium, whole leaf, organic, ethically sourced tea from Charity Tea™

Compostable, plastic-free tea bag.  Hygienically, individually packed in home-compostable, plastic-free ‘Natureflex™’ packaging
PositiviTeas™ “You Are…” Range:
“You are loved” (Peachy, organic Peach Honeybush)
“You are strong” (Jazz, organic Green Tea with Jasmine)
“You are amazing” (Kawa, organic Kawakawa Lemon & Ginger)

Charity Tea™ is a certified social enterprise via the Akina Foundation Forward Programme.


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